Five things you need to know about the contributions in the Mars Pension Plan 2018!

  1. Very convenient – let’s get started together.
    Both you and Mars each contribute a fixed amount in the first level. Without having to become active, you take part in the pension plan and Mars contributes the same amount on top of that. Of course, you can also decide against participating in the pension plan. [link to the corresponding page] Please note, however, that you then will have no claim to the contribution from Mars.
  2. Favourable when it comes to tax – contributions from gross income.
    All your contributions come out of your gross income. That means they are tax-free and even exempt from social security contributions up to a limit. In plain English that means: You pay much less net than what flows into the Mars pension plan gross.
  3. Flexible – decide anew each year
    The agreement applies for 12 months on principle, starting in September of each year and is concluded until revoked. In the period from 1 June until 5 September of each year, you can modify your contributions in levels 2 and 3 to your personal situation – we will send you a timely reminder. In addition, new entrants can make a decision on the contributions of levels 2 and 3 up to the 10th of each month using the online pension portal. Please note: This is only possible until next August.
  4. Convenient – make a decision until you’d like to change it
    You make your decision on the conversion of salary entitlements into pension entitlements until revoked. In this way your company pension plan will also continue to run beyond the September of the following year without you having to become active again the next year. The Mars service: We will send you a timely reminder if you’d like to modify your decision.
  5. Lots of leeway – the contribution limits
    In total over all levels together you can add up to 20 % of your contributory income.

Five tips on your contributions!

  1. The sooner the better
    Take advantage of the compound interest effect! The longer you (together with Mars) save for the future, the more contributions and above all interest comes together. So, why not jump in right away!
  2. If you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves 
    Better a small contribution than no contribution at all! The compound interest effect makes itself noticeable on all levels even with smaller sums. Over the years a pretty sum can come together. It’s best to test the pension calculator in the pension portal!
  3. Regularly check the amount of your contributions
    The longer and the more you pay in, the higher the Mars contributions and the interest! For that reason you should regularly take a critical look at your contributions – the easiest is when you’re extending your contribution payment in the portal anyway. Anything else going on?
  4. Implement your AVP
    Did you know that in addition you can also add your Annual Variable Pay (AVP) and in this way further expand your pension plan? You have an opportunity for this once a year.
  5. Keep an eye on your state pension
    Those who keep an overview, plan the best. Every once in a while, check where you stand with your state pension insurance. That’s a good starting point for determining how high your pension gap (that’s the difference between your last net salary and the state pension) will be. In the pension portal you can use the pension calculator to then plan your contribution to the Mars pension plan.