Mars Pension Plan 2006


Expand the Mars Pension Plan foundation.

Your contributions to the Supplementary Plan are deducted directly from your gross income and deposited monthly.

You have the flexibility to decide how much you want to pay in. You determine what you want to pay by using the retirement calculator in the Pension Portal and Mars then deposits the amount directly in your pension plan account. You don’t have to do anything more. It’s simple and convenient!

One thing to remember – determine your contribution!

  • Overall, your contributions to the three associate pension schemes (Compensation Plan, Bridging Plan, Supplementary Plan) may not exceed 20% of your gross monthly salary.
  • The participation period now runs for 12 months starting in September and then continues until revocation. In the period from 1 June to 5 September of any year, you can adjust the contributions to the Supplementary Plan to fit your living situation and your financial priorities. Every year if you want!
  • On top of converting part of your salary, you can also make contributions to the Supplementary Plan from the associate savings scheme or annual leave. A good idea, for example, if you have a few leave days left over and above your annual statutory minimum leave (24 days). Your leave days are then converted into money. Important to note: converting time into money for the retirement pension is not initiated through the pension portal, but entered via the time-keeping system X-Time Web.

All the contributions you make earn interest and will be paid as a lifelong pension once you enter retirement. And survivor’s benefits are automatically included.