Mars Pension Plan Classic

Mars Pension Plan Classic – Overview

More security? Together with Mars: It’s easy!

Today, most people know that saving for retirement is important, simply because state pensions are decreasing and we are living longer. The good news is that providing for your retirement is easy with Mars.


Five things you need to know about the Mars Pension Plan.Classic!

  1. One + four = perfectly provided
    Your foundation for retirement provision – the Pension Plan. Plus four additional plans, all helping you boost your retirement savings using your own contributions.
  1. The foundation by Mars for you
    The Pension Plan  is financed by Mars – you don’t pay anything! This is the first step to provide for a better retirement buffer.
  1. Four times more choice – your own provision package
    Want to create the optimal retirement? Then use our additional plans! There are four plans you can sign up for and make your own contributions. These plans all follow different goals, but are perfectly matched to complement each other. You can counter your decreasing state pension (Compensation Plan), save for early retirement (Bridging Plan), stock up your Mars pension (Supplementary Plan) or use special bonuses to additionally provide for your retirement (One-Off Contribution Plan). You decide what suits you best!
  2. Not only retirement pension – but also term coverage
    While you are employed at Mars, you and your family (spouse or registered common-law partner and your children) are also protected in case of a reduction in earning capacity or your death, on top of your retirement buffer.
  3. Absolutely compelling
    The Mars Pension Plan.Classic is attractive. Mars provides you with a solid foundation. And it is very flexible: You decide if you want to join only one, a couple or all four schemes, and how much your contributions are going to be! An unbeatable advantage: with the additional plans you also gain from attractive tax benefits. And remember: compared to the market, our Pension Plan is generous.