One-Off Contribution Plan

Special payments. Special provision.

Ensure special provision with special payments – with the One-Off Contribution Plan.

Use the One-Off Contribution Plan to contribute special (bonus) payments. This could be payments made should your employment status with Mars change.  You can invest a larger amount in your retirement in one transaction, while also taking full advantage of the attractive performance, as well as benefit from lower taxes and social security contributions!


Three things you should know about the One-Off Contribution Plan


1. Purpose of the One-Off Contribution Plan

You can deposit special (bonus) payments from Mars, e.g. resulting from changes in your employment status, and provide for the future.

2. Favorable tax terms – deductions from your gross salary

Your contributions are deducted directly from your gross income. They are also tax-free, and up to a certain limit, also exempt from all social security contributions.

3. All or some

You decide how much exactly you want to pay in!  As a maximum, you can contribute the entire special (bonus) payment. However, depositing only parts of a payment is also possible.

How it works

Use special payments, take the advantages. The One-Off Contribution Plan allows for flexible planning. Because you can actually contribute unscheduled special payments from Mars.  These include: One-off payments if your employment status with Mars changes (e.g. downgrading) One-off payments if…