One, two or three? A hard time making the right choice? Now, it's over. At least as far as the Mars Pension Plan is concerned. There are three contribution steps to choose from. And if you want, simply choose all three. It pays off - because Mars doubles most of your contributions. And here is where you find everything you need to know. Straightforward, in a nutshell.

Mars Pension Plan 2006


Here, Mars has also come up with something special: a two-part interest rate. So you can plan today for what you get tomorrow. And protect you against inflation.



Retirement provisions should match your life. Not vice versa. You have the flexibility to decide how to be paid: either as a life-long regular pension, in installments or in a one-off lump sum. Or feel free to combine these payout options. What that means in detail and how it works is explained right here.


Protecting yourself and your family is important to you. To Mars as well. That is why Mars provides a few safety nets. You are protected by a pension when you have reduced earnings. If something happens to you, Mars will take care of your family. And young associates at Mars just starting out get additional start-up support.

Good to Know

Find out what else you need to know about the Mars Pension Plan - short, precise, at a glance: Taxes and social security contributions. Leaving Mars and the impact on your Mars pension plan. Time out such as parental leave or illness. Insolvency protection.

Online Pension Portal

Calculate your pension with help of the Mars Pension Portal. Please have your Log-In-Data at hand!