Mars Pension Plan


Five things you need to know about the payout!

  1. Mars contributions: benefits are paid as a pension
    Over the years, capital is built up throughout all three steps: All contributions plus interest and compound interest amount to your credit balance.  As a rule, the balance from Steps 1 and 2, which are based on the Mars contributions, will be recalculated into a lifelong pension benefit.
  2. Your contributions: you determine how to get paid
    As for the balance based on your contributions, you can decide if you want it paid out in one lump sum, in installments or as a regular pension. Or everything combined. Flexible in every way. To check on the rules, go here.
  3. You decide when to retire
    As a rule, retirement according to the Mars Pension Plan begins at age 65.  But of course you can work longer – this will increase your retirement benefits. Or leave earlier: You can apply for benefits the earliest after completing your 55th birthday. But beware – if you start drawing before the age of 65, expect deductions.  To find out more, go here.
  4. Not only retirement pension
    Remember: you are not only protected for retirement. There is also a payout in case of a reduction in your earning capacity or death. For more information, just take a look at this Link!
  5. When taxes are due
    Contributions from you and Mars were tax-free in all steps. In retirement, the benefits paid to you are taxable. The same applies to social security contributions. But it’s still a good deal: Because as a rule, your tax rate in retirement is usually lower than what it was during working life. And as for social security contributions, you won’t have to pay contributions into the state retirement system and unemployment insurance (instead, the full contribution – employer and employee – for health and long-term care insurance will be deducted).