Mars Pension Plan

Tips for the payout

Four practical payout tips.

Everything has been settled as far as your balance based on Mars contributions: As a rule, this is always paid as a pension. However, there are different payout options for the balance based on your contributions. Below are a few practical tips:

  1. You have time!
    You don’t have to decide on anything today. Not until shortly before retirement do you need to determine how you want the balance to be paid: Please consult the Mars Pension Service latest three months prior to starting retirement. At that time, you will also have a more precise overview of your overall financial situation – from the state pension to your Mars retirement pension and any other assets.
  2. Get advice!
    Different forms of payments have different impacts in terms of taxes. So, best is to consult with your tax advisor. He or she is better able to evaluate what is more favorable in your individual situation.
  3. You can combine!
    Remember that you also have the option of combining different payout methods. For example, you can have part of your balance paid as a lump sum and the rest as a pension.
  4. Talk to your partner!
    Best is to discuss the situation and get an overview: Who is provided for and how? Is it important to have your partner provided for with survivor’s benefits? Then have survivor’s benefits calculated into your pension. Or does he or she have an own sufficient buffer? Then you can do without the survivor’s benefits – your pension will be higher.