Three things you have to know about interest!

  1. Attractive – and secure
    Attractive and secure – in the Mars pension plan that fits together very well. That’s why the interest consists of a fixed portion (that makes the performance secure) and a variable portion (that makes the performance attractive).
  2. Protected against inflation
    The variable interest follows the development of the consumer price index, i.e. inflation. That’s how we make sure that your pension buffer doesn’t get eaten up by inflation over the years.
  3. Here’s how the interest rate is set
    The fixed interest portion is 2 %.
    Then there’s the variable portion that is set twice a year. The record dates are 1 July and 1 January.
    The guideline for setting the variable interest rate is the development of the consumer price index which is published by the German Federal Office of Statistics. Both portions together make up your interest rate: