Risk protection

More than a pension plan – worst case protection

What happens if some things don’t run to plan in life? In a worst case scenario – for instance if you can no longer work or if you were to die before you start retirement – financial protection becomes especially important for your family. Most of the time, the benefits from your state pension are not enough. This is precisely why risk hedging at Mars is an important component of the retirement provision.

 Here’s what is hedged by the term coverage:

  • Disability
    In the event of a claim, you will receive a one-time payment in the amount of twice your annual salary as basic security.
  • Death
    In the event of death before the start of retirement, Mars will protect your spouse or your registered common-law partner and your children through a one-time payment of three-times your annual salary. This group of survivors is legally defined and you cannot change or expand it.

In addition, they will receive a capital payment from the pension plan on the basis of your contributions from Levels 1 to 3 and of the Mars contributions (including interest).