Mars Pension Plan


Five things you need to know about contributions to the Mars Pension Plan!

  1. Jointly – both parties have to contribute.
    Your contribution in Step 1 is the trigger for everything else – no contribution from you, no contribution from Mars. However, when you contribute, Mars will join in to the full extent: through Mars contributions in Steps 1 and 2, with attractive interest rates and a flexible full service pack!
  2. Favorable tax terms – deductions from your gross salary.
    All your contributions are deducted directly from your gross income. They are also tax-free, and up to a certain limit, also exempt from social security contributions. Plainly speaking: You are paying in less than is actually deposited into your Mars pension!
  3. Flexible – reconsider every year.
    The agreement is valid as of September and entered into for a period of 12 months until revocation. In the period from 1 June until 5 September of any year, you have the opportunity to adjust your contributions in Steps 2 and 3 to your personal situation – we will remind you of the deadline in time.
  4. Convenient – making a decision that remains valid until you want to change it
    The deferred compensation decision you make will remain effective until it is revoked by you. That means you continue participating in the company pension scheme even beyond September of the following year without you having to renew it again next year. Our Mars service: We will remind you on time, so you can adjust your decision if you wish.
  5. Lots of leeway – contribution limits
    Overall, you can pay in up to 20% of your contributory income to the Pension Plan.